Spread The Word

Take Action. Spread the word.

1. First and foremost, Carry Your Cup. Minimize your own use of disposable cups. Be conscious and aware of your carbon footprint.

2. Gather ‘Carry Your Cup’ materials: Order stickers by contacting us.

3.  Go places with pledge forms and stickers: Schools, universities, offices, workplace, churches, synagogues, mosques, community halls, favorite coffee stand or cafe, street corners, friends and family.  Post some CYC stickers up somewhere near you.

4. How to campaign:  Invite people to pledge to stop using disposable cups and carry their own cups for a marked amount of time. Offer a pledge form to sign and keep. Give a sticker.
5. Spread the word:  Invite friends, co-workers, family to help your campaign. Make it a project for a group. Offer rewards for most number of pledges signed.